Tolle Ecksofa mit Schlaffunktion und Bettkasten Ideen

Stool sofa in the corner of the room
As the name implies, corner sofas can be used to fill the void provided in the corner of the family room. If this empty corner is not too big, choose a corner sofa model consisting of a bench or long chair.

Because the corner sofa model like this is attached to the impression of a casual, complete viewpoint by adding tables and dining chairs. As a result, an empty corner in this family room can be used as an informal dining room that is used for coffee and snacking at leisure.

Corner sofa for asymmetrical room shape
The arrangement of furniture will be difficult to apply in a room that has an asymmetrical shape. A little change is needed in the selection and placement of furniture to be able to process the room properly.

Like the use of a corner sofa with velvet material that divides two different areas in this asymmetrical living room. With the placement of a corner sofa like this one side of the room that cannot be used as a mini library. The presence of ornamental plant pots also provides special freshness between two different areas.

By doing the corner sofa arrangement of the six examples above, not only the comfort received, but the warmth of conversation in the family room can also be a memorable memory for every family.

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